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Animal Genetic Resources

Programme of FAO AnGR Global Focal Point and Baltic Genofond in cooperation with FAO SEUR
Programme Coordinator Arunas Svitojus, e-mail:
National Coordinator: Drago KOMPAN, email:
Web editor: Karmen Stopar, email:

Country reports
9 13 October 2005: 6th Global Conference on the Conservation of Domestic Animal Genetic Resources, Magaliespark in South Africa (REGISTRATION FORM)
31 July-3 August 2005: Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting, Auburn, AL
24-28 July 2005:  American Society of Animal Science and ADSA Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH
13-15 July 2005:  3 rd International Symposium on Genetics of Animal Health, Ames, IA
5-8 June 2005: 56 th EAAP Annual Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden
13-14 May  2005: The 11th Baltic Animal Breeding and Genetic Conference, Palanga, Lithuania
4-6 April  2005: British Society of Animal Science Annual Meeting, University of York, England  
10-12 March 2005: The 4 th International Poultry Show an Seminar, Bangladesh, China
3-6 February 2005:  4 th INTERNATIONAL FAIR FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY, HEL EXPO International Exhibition and Congress Center, Thessalonici, Greece
28 January 2005: Regional Conference "Conservation and Active Management of Georgian AnGR", Tbilisi, Georgia
15-19 January 2005: Plant and Animal genome XIII Conference, San Diego, CA
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Breeds of Livestock
EAAP-Animal Genetic Data Bank
North SheD
Rare Breeds International (RBI)
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
Nordic Gene Bank Farm Animals
Central Documentation for Animal Genetic Resources in Germany
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